build failure in Attributes.h

I'm seeing a build failure...

In file included from /Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm/lib/VMCore/Attributes.cpp:14:
/Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm/include/llvm/Attributes.h: In member function 'llvm::Attributes llvm::AttrListPtr::getParamAttributes(unsigned int) const':
/Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm/include/llvm/Attributes.h:152: error: 'assert' was not declared in this scope
make[1]: *** [/Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm-build/lib/VMCore/Debug/Attributes.o] Error 1


Not seeing it here and I just updated to head. Try that.


Weird. I'm not seeing this...


Works for me. Presumably #including <cassert> will fix it though?

Ah! I think it's a SnowLeopard thing.