build issue on mingw gcc, need some help

Hi Martin and others,

Sorry for my inaccurate description of the issues I'm facing. Rather than
trying to address the topics of misunderstanding between us I thought it
would be best to share what I currently have of the Python script and what
my makefile writes to the command line.

I put the files in my Github repository:

As the data was to much to have it posted as attachments on this mailing
list. I've not much experience with Github, I hope it's accesible and maybe
editable. result.txt is the output of the makefile.

Although it's a lot of text I believe it is as specific as can be and I hope
it will be easy to navigate through. I'm certainly willing to explain what
I'm trying to achieve if need to. And I do also take criticism on my script.

The python script first would need some edits (in the beginning) to find the
folders of libc++ and libc++abi sources on your harddisk.

As per your suggestion I put the following section into __config file of the
libcxx include folder:

# if defined(__MINGW32__)
# else
# endif

But still undefined reference to __imp__ZNSt8bad_castC1Ev and more.

I also edited libc++abi2.exp to make a valid def file and applied this to
libc++. I believe it actually needs to be applied to libc++ and not

Still the same undefined references.

Please let me know where I got it wrong?

To answer my own question: The low libc++abi.dll size was due a missing
linker option:
-Wl,--whole-archive cxx_objects.a -Wl,--no-whole-archive

I presume you mean cxxabi_objects.a, for building libc++abi.dll? You don't
want to do that with cxx_objects.a, otherwise you'd end up including all
of libc++ in libc++abi.

Yeah, sorry I meant cxxabi_objects.a.

Kind regards,
Maarten Verhage