Build servers with pre-GCC-5 ?


We have some code that uses explicit std::move that is redundant with modern compilers. Are there any build servers that are still using pre-GCC-5 compilers? Could we just simply remove std::move without breaking any build server?
The minimum supported compiler version for LLVM/Clang seems to be GCC 5.1, but I’d like to get some confirmation from the community.


The minimum compiler version is enforced with a hard error in CMake.


Hello Gabor,

I looked into this problem not so long ago, and my conclusion was that it is not gcc what is the limiting factor here – clang is. Prior to clang-3.9, we were diagnosing code like:
----- <>

struct A { };
struct B { B(A&&); };

B f(A a) { return a; }