Build system not picking up libc++?


I'm fetching packages from LLVM Download Page.

Unpacking libcxx, placing it llvm/projects and running configure does
not pickup libc++. That is, 'make' does not build libc++. How do I
integrate libc++ into the build process?

Manually running 'make cxx' per does not work.
There is no 'cxx' target. That's from both the top level llvm
directory and the llvm/projects/libcxx directory. Why does it not
work? (I know its kind of a broad question, but I don't know how to
start zeroing-in what's wrong).

The llvm/projects/libcxx/Makefile does not have build rules (only
install rules). The LLVM projects support both Make and Cmake
( I don't use Cmake, and I'm
using the Make based gear. What makefile should I be using?

Trying to specify the packages with --with-libcxx --with-libcxxabi to
configure does not work. What are the package names? How do I specify
the packages so they are included during build?

The configure scripts probably just don’t support it. We’ve really only been adding features to the cmake flow for libc++.

Also, if you’re trying to use libc++abi as well, that project doesn’t support configure at all, so you’ll have to use cmake.

Thanks Dan.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to touch up some of the documentation.

Other have been having problems (dating back to at least 2012), and
I've wasted 3 days on it (on and off). I can't speak for others, but I
can say for certain my problems are because the documentation is
telling me otherwise (I'm attempting to do things that should work).

If you’ve followed LLVM/Clang you’d know already that cmake is the defacto moving forward and has been for most of 2014.

  • Marc

This is true, yet the documentation ( talk a lot about configure and very little about CMake. I fairly frequently run into issues from people who have followed the instructions on the web site and discover that stuff doesn't appear quite as it should. If you *haven't* been following the mailing lists, there is nothing to indicate that configure is not the preferred way of building LLVM.

There's some good documentation for building with CMake somewhere, but it's not linked to from the getting started page, so I can't immediately find it. I'd strongly recommend that someone who knows where it is copies the contents over the autoconf build instructions on the getting started page.