Buildbot blame emails broken?

Hello all,

I broke the build, but I did not receive any blame email about it. I
have a feeling the blame emails are not working.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Could it be related to the
last-week master restart (which seems to have reset build numbers as


I think so, we're seeing the same thing on our bots. Galina will
probably be up around PST time.


If I followed correctly, you broke the Darwin bot, which is separate from the other bot infrastructure (so can’t be related to master restart):

It is possible that you didn’t get an email if:

1) The build was already broken by another commit when you committed.
2) There are too many people on the blame list.

Here is does not seem to be the case:

So +CC Mike who owns green dragon I believe.

The buildbot I am referring to is
which should be using the standard llvm buildbot setup (not jenkins,
although I ocasionally get an email from those as well).

Wasn't there a similar Green Dragon upgrade recently?


I remember there was a case the svn user name to email address list in the lab is not keeping up-to-date so certainly people is left out of the blame email. If you are a new contributor, it is likely the case. Galina should be able to help with that.


Hello everyone,

I have moved llvm buildmaster to another machine since the old machine just crushed the last weekend.
Unfortunately history of builds was lost in transition.

IRC channel notifications seem working, I will look at email notifications in the nearest time.
Sorry for inconvenience.



Hi Pavel,
Email and IRC notifications originating from Green Dragon were turned off almost two weeks ago due to a network issue in the lab. Nodes kept dropping offline and then blaming folks incorrectly. We decided to stop spamming committers and Tim Northover has been filtering failure emails by hand (we all owe Tim a drink at the Dev Meeting!!). We added a new switch last week and have been watching the nodes for the last few days to make sure they recovered as expected. I have not talked with Tim yet today but our goal was to try and turn email and IRC notifications back on today. We’ll send a notification to the list once the notifications have been re-enabled. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We really appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through this issue.


Mike Edwards
Apple Inc.

Buildbot sends email notifications now.

Please let me know if you see a problem with it.