Buildbot cleaning for github migration

Hello everyone,

As all of you know, we migrate to github monorepo. I’m working on preparing the build bot for this transition.

We would do our best to make the transition as smooth and transparent to the majority of LLVM community, as possible.

As the next step, I’ll be cleaning zorg. I’m going to

  • remove long time off-line and long time red builders,
  • reduce the number of used build factories,
  • remove manual code checkout steps, and consolidate all the code checkout code to a single place,
  • remove as much as possible dependencies on a particular source code tree structure,
  • remove as much as possible explicitly defined schedulers, and such.

If you are a bot owner, could you make sure your bot has a correct bot owner information and the valid e-mail in case I’ll need to contact you if I’ll need a help with that builder or a computer it is running on, please? Otherwise there is no work required on your end yet.

If you use zorg down stream for your continues integration and customized or extended it, you may want to remove any dependency on a particular source code root directory name, a particular source code tree structure, or a particular build directory name. Directory where zorg checks out the source code or builds will move and the tree structure would change.

As a heads up for everyone, at some point we would stop accepting new builders and changes to zorg till we finish porting everything to github. If you have something cooking, please talk to me to make sure your time line and ours are coordinated.