buildbot failure in LLVM on lldb-x86_64-linux

This buildbot looks to be failing on either missing libedit or having the build misconfigured. It is failing on loading histedit.

In file included from IOChannel.cpp:10:0:
Platform.h:101:26: fatal error: histedit.h: No such file or directory
     #include <histedit.h>

On our Linux x86_64 build using gcc 4.8.2, we need to include a libedit on our machine. We’re able to get by with the stock Ubuntu 12.04 libedit-dev package until the iohandler branch gets merged in. (Once that branch does get merged in, we found we have to use a newer libedit and manually configure that to get chosen over the stock system version. I don’t think that’s necessarily relevant here).

Hope that helps.