buildbot failure in LLVM on sanitizer-x86_64-linux-gn

Why does GN bot still send mails?
I thought it got fixed? landed. Maybe it needs a master restart to have an effect?

vitalybuka, sanitizer-x86_64-linux-gn is still on . Can we please get it removed?

I have no idea how.
Are there particular problems? Now it should be quite.
Console has a bunch of stale builders which are even less useful.

LLVM has a silent build master that does not send email. When Nico added the gn build, apparently we promised not to set up builders that send email. I searched for info about the silent buildmaster in the zorg repository, but I found nothing. I added Galina, maybe she can say more about how to set that up and where its config is managed.

It already doesn’t send email. Just the bot showing up on suggests more support than there is for this build config though (namely, none). And if someone lands something and watches then that bot turning red might be confusing.

If there’s no way to hide bots on then that bot should live on a different master.

I would expect that the value of being able to check the patch, without need to setup local GN build is higher than the cost of possible confusion.

I know how to make it always gray on and red/green on Easy to do but I don’t see the benefits of that. And I would not be able to maintain bot on non-llvm master.

In order of my preferences I am ready to do the following:

  1. Leave as-is
  2. Move to 8014
  3. Shutdown the bot

Any thoughts?

I see, apologies for my assumptions.
If we have to have a box for this config on 8011, it doesn’t seem that compelling to do extra work to make it grey.