Buildbot Failures

Hi all,

I have been recently given commit. I noticed that shortly after I summit a commit I receive one or more buildbot failure messages where I’m listed as the last person on the blame list.

I believe that my commits can not cause this but I am relatively new and I’m concerned about the possibility of doing something wrong.

How do the buildbots work? Is there something I need to worry about?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Joan,

The build bots will always run against the head of master at the point at which they start their run. Since their may have been multiple commits since the previous run, potentially multiple people could be the “cause” of the failure, hence why you and several other people may be in the blame list. It’s worth looking at the logs to confirm that the failure really doesn’t look like anything you caused. Also, some bots can be a bit flaky, so if for example you are the only person on the blame list, but the failure doesn’t look related, try waiting until the next run to see if it succeeds.

Finally, feel free to contact the mailing list if you’re unsure how to diagnose whether something is caused by your change or not.