Buildbot for Windows native LLVM/Clang testing

Hi All,

This is to let you know that a new buildbot for Windows native LLVM/Clang testing is established: .

Hardware + OS configuration is: Haswell desktop with Windows 7 + Visual Studio 2013 Update 4.

It is hosted by Intel and hopefully will contribute to improve quality of the LLVM/Clang on Windows being developed in the LLVM community.

Vera Fedorova

That’s great to hear!

I agree, it is great.

I have some regression tests (check-all) failures on Windows locally. Does the buildbot show the same?

r235576 Window7 Visual C++ 2013 x64 just passed regression OK on my system.

There are two unexpected failures in the check-all (this check-all runs with self-build-clang):

Failing Tests (2):
    Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/clang-tidy-diff.cpp
    Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/file-filter.cpp

Last log:


I am running the LLVM and clang regression tests, this is on tools\extra tests.

Could you file a bug report at ?

If you can provide a patch to fix this even better.


I now tried the extra tests and get the same failures:

Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/clang-tidy-diff.cpp
Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/file-filter.cpp

Takumi, I see you added requires:shell in r211831 and r220837.

When using MSYS requires:shell is true but test fail, is it OK to XFAIL:win32 these two tests?


No. Consider if --host=linux --target=*-win32.
I know I tend to suppress tests easily with REQUIRES:shell.
We might introduce other suppression, like "target-ms" and "host-ms", then.

I have uninstalled bash/sh and tests are skipped as expected:

UNSUPPORTED: Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/clang-tidy-diff.cpp (6991 of 22121)
UNSUPPORTED: Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/file-filter.cpp (6995 of 22121)

So there are no unexpected fails in clang-x64-ninja-win7 buildbot more.


Yes, this is with Ninja.
If MSYS is installed there is sh.exe and the tests are not skipped.