Buildbot skipping commits?


Neither of my commits so far today have shown up in the buildbot console view. They aren’t showing up in the list of changes reported by the changesource either.

For example: shows r194805, then shows r194807. My commit is the r194806 that should be between them.

Similarly change 45728 is r194810, and change 45729 is r194812. There should be a commit of mine (r194811) between these.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

It's a bug in buildbot. Longer (than 1024, I guess) commit message
might let buildbot commits ignored.
When buildbot is configured with mysql, such a check is done.

FYI, my buildbot tweaks longer commit log, for example;
(Snipping is done not in the buildmaster, but on the commit feeder)

That said, I wish every guys would not be made afraid of commit message...

Galina, FYI, it's the place to check length; master/buildbot/db/

CREATE TABLE `changes` (
  `comments` varchar(1024) NOT NULL,

...I don't know why this is created as myisam and the column
"comments" would be not "text" but varchar...

That would explain it. The commit messages were quite long (especially the second one) and a commit with a smaller message has shown up.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to keep them a bit more reasonable in future.

Ah, please don't hesitate to write logs :wink: It must be the
subject in the buildbot, not in developer guys.

Galina, I'll write up later, how to tweak this issue. It is not
resolved in released versions, though.
The easiest way is to tweak svnpoller.

Don't worry. I'm not going to stop writing good (and occasionally long) commit messages. I'm only saying that my 2.5KB commit message might have been a little bit excessive.

I agree that any length limits imposed by buildbot shouldn't prevent it from testing the commit.

Hi Takumi,


I also have a fix for the issue staging. Should go to the production soon.