BuildBot Upgrade

Hi all,

Our buildbot at:
has been upgraded (it is also now linked from the front page). It has
a number of handy new features:

1. I imported the 'console' view used by Chromium into our version of
buildbot. You can see it here:
This is experimental, but it seems to work well and once you learn to
read it it is substantially more informative than the old waterfall. A
couple useful features it has:
  - Shows results across builders organized by revision.

  - Clicking on an individual box connected to a revision pops up a
small window showing the build steps for that builder in the build
that revision was in.

  - Clicking the summary box at the top of the page takes you to the
builder for that column.

  - Revision numbers are links to ViewVC (this is also true of a few
additional places in the buildbot now).

2. Additional builders have been added for Darwin and MSVC (using
CMake). Once again if anyone else has spare compute cycles please
consider providing a buildslave for use by the buildbot.

3. Inactive builders have been removed, so that the status clearly
shows what is working. Email me if you want own an inactive builder
and want to reactivate it.

4. There are RSS and Atom feeds for failures are and

5. All builders except MSVC are now running the unittests.

6. Configure style builders now use --without-llvmgcc and
--without-llvmgxx to avoid problems with failing Frontend tests. In
the longer term we should add builders which build llvmgcc and do not
have this problem.

Please let me know if you have questions, problems, or suggestions.

For those interested in how it is setup, most of the configuration
stuff is now checked in to the LLVM repository at

The particular version of buildbot we run is the smooshlab branch in
my public fork:

- Daniel

I have a builder that does this today. When are you checking your
stuff into the LLVM repository? I'd like to graft my stuff onto that.


So do I, already checked in! See link in original email. :slight_smile:

- Daniel