Buildbots: Apology and Explanation

llvm-gcc (GCC) 4.2.1 (Based on Apple Inc. build 5648) (LLVM build)

Hello all,

Duncan Sands wrote:

I figured perhaps the --with-llvm value I used was wrong (should it be
llvm build-dir or final installation dir?), but after trying different
values it still makes no difference. What would cause llvm-gcc to loose
the capability of writing out LLVM IR?

maybe you built an llvm-gcc with LLVM disabled (in which case you get
an ordinary Apple GCC, or at least you're supposed to)? Did you specify
--enable-llvm when configuring GCC?

So I've now had multiple hints (from Duncan, Anton and Jim) that I need
--enable-llvm instead of --with-llvm. That clears up a lot of confusion,
but one thing still surprises me:

Using --with-llvm creates an llvm-gcc build that can't produce LLVM IR,
After building and installing this borked build I updated LLVM from SVN
and built it (not knowing llvm-gcc was broken).
During LLVM configure I now see this line:

checking whether llvm-gcc is sane... no

But still the LLVM build tries to use it, as the previously reported
runtime/libprofile problem pops up again due to my llvm-gcc not being
able to generate LLVM IR.
I guess I'm curious why even though configure is able to tell my
llvm-gcc is not behaving as it should it continues to be used it anyway.

Ah well, build systems ... the next complex thing after compilers,
right? :wink:

Thanks for all the help everybody!