[Buildbots] - Looking for help with new 32 bit Windows buildbot

Hi folks,

I’m having some trouble setting up a Windows buildbot and I’m looking for someone with LLVM-on-Windows experience to help me.

Long story
Hans Wennborg recently pointed out, that we’re missing a 32 bit Windows buildbot and I wanted to jump in and set one up. However running the LLVM builds on Windows proved to be much more challenging than on Linux and I’m stumbling from one issue to the next for the last weeks. I’m down to about 40 failing tests now with the “clean stage” failing permanently.

  • building LLVM on Windows with Visual Studio
  • running a Windows buildbot
  • Running Windows in a cloud environment in a stable, reproducible and maintainable way

So I’m looking for someone to help me to debug and fix the buildbot and get it into a stable state.

Links on the current state and the setup:

building LLVM on Windows with Visual Studio

I do this regularly, so I can probably help figure out some of those problems. Buildbot and cloud deployments, however, are outside my wheelhouse.

We were recently talking about setting up another 64-bit Windows bot as well, since our current one needs a Cmake update and we’re having trouble getting access to the existing one.


Hi Adrian,

that would be great!

I can help you set up another buildbot for Windows. One reason for the time investment in the cloud infrastructure was to make it simple to add more bots, especially with similar configurations.
Depending on what you need, we might be able to use the same image and just set up two instances with different names to run 32 and 64 bit builds.