Building 2.9 on WinXP

I was trying to build llvm 2.9 using cmake 2.8 (“Nmake Makefiles” generator) and VC++ compiler (version 14.00)… I get the following error. I wonder if anyone has an ideas on hoe I might be able to move past it.
using the same method of building for 2.8 works.

thanks for any pointers…

Linking CXX executable …..\bin\tblgen.exe
Creating library …..\lib\tblgen.lib and object …..\lib\tblgen.exp
LLVMSupport.lib(Path.cpp.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__dec
lspec(dllimport) public: void thiscall std::exception::Raise(void)const " (
?_Raise@exception@std@@QBEXXZ) referenced in function "public: bool __thisca
ll llvm::sys::Path::isAbsolute(void)const " (?isAbsolute@Path@sys@llvm@@QBE_NXZ)

You might need to turn off exception by

Vinod Grover wrote: