Building a clang toolset for Visual Studio

Hello there,

I’m interested in snapshots builds of clang toolset for Visual Studio, that are available on this site:

It turned out that this installer does not work for me, probably because I’m using Visual Studio 2013. Can I find any instructions how to build it from source? Maybe I will be able to fix that.

You can build the package from source by building the ‘package’ target from a CMake build directory on Windows. It requires both cmake and the Nullsoft installer system (NSIS) as dependencies.

I believe the ninja and VS project generators work equally well for building the package. I use ninja and recommend it because it is faster. You would follow steps like:

svn co llvm
svn co llvm/tools/clang
mkdir llvm/build
cd llvm/build
cmake … -GNinja
ninja package

Various docs:

And, to solve your actual problem, most like you need to modify the platform toolset xml files, which live at:

They are dropped into MSBuild’s hierarchy of platform toolsets, so the logic for that may need to be tweaked.

Great, thanks for super quick answer.

I have Visual Studio solution generated by CMake, so I’ve found PACKAGE project easily. Currently install script is failing just because it cannot find proper path for toolset installation. I will try to take care of that tomorrow.