building a native mips compiler using clang/llvm running cross for x86

In the past we have used gcc mips to build the native clang/llvm compilers for mips targets.

We did at one point also use clang/llvm to do this but our nightly build bots use gcc.

Now when I try and do a configure and make using clang/llvm as the first stage compiler , I run into a few problems.

First, when compiling compression.cpp it could not find zlib.h.
I told it to --disable-zlib on the configure step.

That seemed to make the "make" after configure happy until it tried to build valgrind.

Now it fails there, even after --disable-valgrind

I assume other people are building native (non x86) compilers using llvm/clang.

Is there some magic incantation I don't know about?

Does configure/make still work for this or do you have to use cmake now?

Since moving up to 4.7.3 (required now), we have a few failures in make check that I am working to resolve.

I would prefer to switch to using clang/llvm and not figure out what is quite possibly a gcc bug.

In any case, I would like to use the clang/llvm mips cross compiler for this anyway.



Title was messed up.. running cross from x86

Nobody is building their non x86 native compilers using clang/llvm?