Building Boost for iPhone


Doug Gregor posted in May 2010 about building Boost with Clang (the support is already in Boost, it works fine for a "native" build). I tried to adapt clang-darwin.jam to compile Boost for the iphone and iphonesim targets, based on darwin.jam, but I'm stuck: either macosx-version isn't a defined feature, or it's defined two times.

Did anyone manage to compile Boost for iPhone with Clang? Any ideas? I attached my user-config.jam and clang-darwin.jam.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I already asked on on Monday, no answer until now.

[1] Clang++ Builds Boost! - The LLVM Project Blog

user-config.jam (449 Bytes)

clang-darwin.jam (12.7 KB)