building clang for target off

I am trying to build clang with GPU support, in particular with support for OpenMP target offload.
I want to build for a Xeon+Nvidia GPU.
I did this:
git clone
and built the OpenMP
Then I try this:
git clone
but now I am ask for a user name, guest does not seem to work:

git clone
Cloning into ‘libomptarget’…
Username for ‘’: guest
Password for ‘’:

Is this not a public branch of the repo?

I am interested to hear other peoples experience with this.
Thanks in advance,



for the n-th time: This is not an officially supported Clang version. Trunk does not yet support offloading to Nvidia GPUs, see

Regarding your problem: This repository does not exist or I'm also unable to find it. I think libomptarget is now integrated into the openmp repository, you might need to enable it with a CMake flag.