Building Clang+LLVM from the distribution sources

Please would someone supply the instructions for building clang+llvm from the distribution sources, rather than from svn as given on the web site. At the moment the sources for llvm, clang and compiler-rt are supplied separately and last two have to be moved into the llvm structure and renamed to map the structure in the svn instructions.

I have managed to do that and get a useful build. I am sure there are people other than myself who need something other than the distribution binaries and therefore need to build clang.

It would be useful to have the same think for libc++ as well.



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Thank you for creating the Clang users list. I was one of the people who asked for it as I use Clang and am not a developer.

I have a number of queries which I have asked on the developer list and which never seem to have been answered.

I hope the level of traffic on this list will be such that I do get answers when I ask for them.

This one is timely in view of the fact that a new release is due out soon.