Building compiler front-end from GitHub source

Hi there ...

I tried to build an compiler front-end for the m-language on top of LLVM from [this]( GitHub repo.
The build went through but no binaries for the specific front-end where generated.

I've tried it this way:

# source directory
# pull in llvm sources
svn co llvm
# pull in clang
cd llvm/tools || exit $?
svn co clang
# pull in mlang
git clone
cd "$LLVM_ROOT" || exit $?
mkdir build && cd build || exit $?
"$LLVM_ROOT"/llvm/configure --enable-optimized --enable-targets="host-only"
make check-all

Anyone an idea what i'am missing?

PS: I've also tried it on the llvm irc node, but there's no one responding.

Thank you for your time and best regards,


Exactly what does “make” and “make check-all” produce as output? I’m not at all familiar with that concept, but the overall build script is similar to what my Pascal compiler does (aside from using git rather than SVN to fetch the llvm and clang sources)… You may be missing some pre-requisit, or have too new of something?