Building libc++


When I try to build libc++ on the current trunk, I get the error below.
I set these variables for the build.
$ echo $CXX
clang++ -v

+ clang++ -v -c -g -Os -arch i386 -arch ppc -arch x86_64 -nostdinc++ -I../include ../src/exception.cpp
clang version 2.0 (trunk 106826)
Target: x86_64-apple-darwin10
Thread model: posix
"/usr/local/bin/clang" -cc1 -triple i386-apple-darwin10.0.0 -emit-obj -disable-free -main-file-name exception.cpp -pic-level 1 -mdisable-fp-elim -masm-verbose -target-cpu yonah -v -g -nostdinc++ -resource-dir /usr/local/lib/clang/2.0 -I ../include -Os -ferror-limit 19 -fmessage-length 148 -stack-protector 1 -fblocks -fexceptions -fdiagnostics-show-option -fcolor-diagnostics -o /var/folders/3C/3Cjb8XqLGZ4CudBSDgvEJE+++TI/-Tmp-/cc-Io6oCq.o -x c++ ../src/exception.cpp
clang -cc1 version 2.0 based upon llvm 2.8svn hosted on x86_64-apple-darwin10
#include "..." search starts here:
#include <...> search starts here:
/System/Library/Frameworks (framework directory)
/Library/Frameworks (framework directory)
End of search list.
../src/exception.cpp:14:12: fatal error: 'cxxabi.h' file not found
  #include <cxxabi.h>
1 error generated.

As the standard headers are not included, I suspect that cxxabi.h should be in the libc++ project?

Toralf Niebuhr