Building on OS X 10.4.0

Since I hadn't seen it mentioned yet, I wanted to note that I have had
no significant problems building a ~2 months out of date CVS tree of
LLVM and llvm-gcc on OS X 10.4.0.

Some caveats: I compiled my own version of the CFE, and don't know
whether the current binaries as shipped will work. The darwin kernel
number is now 8.0.0, so this means that some directory names are
potentially out of date.

Reconfiguring both the CFE and LLVM and building from scratch worked out fine.

I apologize that I don't have more useful results (ie, an up-to-date
cvs tree building), and I intend to try it out, but I am tired of
watching things build for today. Getting back to working condition
took several hours.

Some free advice for anyone else using macs who hasn't moved over to
10.4 yet: I definitely would not suggest it with deadlines looming - I
have lost many hours to recompiling and I still don't have a working
X11 GNU Emacs anymore.