Building SPEC CPU2006 Fortran benchmarks with llvm


I have built llvm with some added Machine Function Passes and I am trying to use it to build the SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks. I am using llvm test-suite to build the benchmarks. I configured the test-suite with “–with-f2c” but still none of the fortran benchmarks are built or compiled. I tried running simple and nightly tests. Kindly let me know if I am missing some steps and if not then what might be the problem. Thank you.

Your easiest option is just provide a Fortran compiler and ignore the
Fortran benchmarks as part of your clang evaluation. I don't think the
F2C option is designed to source-to-source convert the Fortran codes
over to C if that's what you thought it does.

Thanks for your reply ! I was also skeptical about F2C being of any help but the LLVM test-suite guide says “For now, LLVM does not have a Fortran front-end, but using F2C, we can run Fortran benchmarks. F2C support must be enabled via configure if not installed in a standard place.”. So that’s why I gave it a try. I guess I will just evaluate clang on C and C++ benchmarks.