Building the LibC++ libraries

We currently build the LibC++ libraries with an alternative build system, mainly because historically it was not possible to build the library for a cross-compiler. That of course is getting better with the wholesale move over to CMake.

At the moment we build the library with ‘-std=c++11’. This seems to produce a library that is valid for linking with programs compiled for C++98 and C++11, and very few people seem to be compiling their code with C++14. We have no had reports of problems.

But should I really be building 3 versions of the library, one each for C++98, 11 and 14? Or will a C++14 built library be link compatible for all the earlier dialects?



Building one C++14 library is sufficient. It’s just the headers that need to be compatible with old standard versions, and Marshall and Eric are careful to keep them that way.

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t build the library as C++98 even if you wanted to.

Thanks Dan, this is good news J