Building the llvm runtime: 'Can't destroy file: The process cannot access the fi

Hi Jeff and others,

When building the llvm runtime, I always get this error message: 'Can't destroy file: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.' The file is destoyed anyway.

I think that the the real error is the path for the file (*/\file.tmp). However, I can't find the bug in the source. Do you have any clue?:

It looks like what you're getting is a sharing violation. Although, I
don't understand why. The llvm-ar.exe when its building an archive file
always builds it in a temporary. Only when that is complete does it
remove the old one and rename the temporary. Perhaps this is a result of
doing parallel build and the "lib3.tmp" file (that name looks wrong to
me) is being accessed by concurrent build scripts?


Hi Reid,

I don't think I've initiated a parallel build by this command:

Nope, unless "make" is an alias for "make -j 4" (like I have)

Could you try using TOOL_VERBOSE=1 with make to get more output ?
Did you try just running the llvm-ar command by itself ?
If not, could you and give it the V (capital v) option to get lots of
verbose output?




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