Buildkite pre-merge checks need a newer CMake?


We are getting some pre-merge checks failures - CMake complains that it needs 3.20 or newer while it’s running on 3.18. Should it be bumped?

Patch: ⚙ D148444 [clang-tidy] Prevent `llvmlibc-inline-function-decl` triggering on lambdas
Error: premerge checks #147060

Hi! I will take a look this week. I think we have updated cmake on some of the bots already.

Thanks! I missed that bot since it doesn’t send emails. I already reverted the patch since some post-commit bots still aren’t updated to CMake 3.20.

Can you let me know when the pre-commit bots are updated.

Awesome, really appreciate the quick response!

updated to 3.23.3, agents are restarting now

also base crosstool updated 15 → 16