Bulk Download: Please Stop

Dear All,

Someone (hopefully one of you) is doing a mass download of materials from llvm.org.

Mass downloads are generally fine, but in this case, they're hitting the server so hard that it's using all available Apache processes, preventing access by other LLVM users. Since these accesses appear legitimate, I assume that there is no ill intent. However, these accesses are, in fact, creating a Denial of Service for everyone else.

If this is you, *please* throttle back your download program or terminate it. Also, your download program appears broken because you're downloading the same files over and over again.

To everyone else, since the web server isn't responding to the community at large, I'm going to restart it to kill off connections from this bulk download.


-- John T.

Sometimes people don't understand the consequences of doing things... If the IP address is in the 17.x.x.x range, I'd be happy to track them down and help them out.