::bzero "obsolete", recommended to be replaced

in trying to port lldb to mingw as host, there is complaint about use of bzero.

i found this net reference to its obsolescence from 2004

i had been thinking of creating just such a #define and special-casing it to windows.

but if there are no objections, it would seem cleaner to just replace all calls to bzero(…,…) with calls to memset(…,0,…) as suggested with their macro.

i will be working on a patch for this, and will submit it in the next couple of days to give a chance for objections to be heard.

++ kirk beitz : nokia : austin + san diego : kirk.beitz@nokia.com ++


whoa, you’re right; it looks like bzero() has been moved to the “Legacy Option” in the Single UNIX Specification as of v3 (http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/zos/v1r10/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.zos.r10.bpxbd00/rbzero.htm) and might be deprecated one day.

memset() seems like a fine replacement to me.


memset sounds good.

Hi Greg ++

Please find attached the patch for this.

++ Kirk

bzero-memset.124846.patch (8.02 KB)

ATT00001.htm (2.76 KB)