C++17 Filesystem on Windows


I'd like to know if it's there some ongoing work of implementing
c++17-fs on windows?
Is there and phab merge requests active?
Maybe someone has patches locally?

As I understand chromium are built with libc++ on windows now, so
"core" parts are good.
But what about fs and also where I could check other missing windows parts?

I tried to build libc++ (trunk) with clang-cl (trunk) with WinSDK
(ENABLE_FILESYSTEM_DEFAULT On), of course it shows some errors, but
they are doable, I think.
Locally, I'll try to fix issue to get buildable thing atleast.
If I succeed, I'll send patches for reference.

I’m not aware of ongoing work for filesystem on Windows.
There are bits of directory_iterator that are implemented on Windows, but that’s about it.
I don’t remember how much Windows syntax std::filesystem::path supports at the moment.