C comment to IR comments

Hello, to understand the whole process of transformation from C to IR that clang does, we are trying to preserve the comments from the C form /comment/ to the output IR written with as “;comment”
Which part of the CLANG source code should be modified in order to do that? Is there a library that allows that? Thank you very much!
Giacomo Tagliabue

LLVM does not support comments in its in-memory representation or its
bitcode file format, and the .ll parser does nothing with comments but
discard them. There is a way to get .ll files to be emitted with custom
comments using the llvm::AssemblyAnnotationWriter class, but I think you'll
find that your goal of preserving comments in a language which does not
have a concept of comments is a non-starter without significant engineering
effort to add comments as a part of llvm ir.