c-index-test.c should be compiled in C89 or C99 mode explicitly


Currently LLVM build system does not pass any -std flags to C compiler
while compiling c-index-test.c. This makes clang default to C99, but
gcc defaults to C89. I think that LLVM build system should be fixed
to specify standard explicitly.

I'm not familiar with internals of LLVM build systems, could anyone
take a look at this and maybe fix it?

Is there a particular reason to choose C89 over C99?


Just a stab here, but perhaps to be current with Apple and it’s focus on LLVM/Clang and its included focus on OpenCL which is C99 based for writing kernels, it makes sense for Clang to be C99, by default with GCC no longer the default?

  • Marc

This will also affect VS-compiled builds, since MSVC does not support C99.

GCC defaults to C89, and Microsoft doesn't even support C99.

  - Doug