c-index-test documentation

The documentation @ http://clang.llvm.org/docs/libIndex.html appears
to be way out of date with regard to c-index-test (in fact it seems to
refer to an older name index-test)

If I'm not mistaken about it being way out of date, can someone take
that down and/or replace it?

Having it up with incorrect info is more confusing that it not being
there at all.

I'd offer to do it myself but it's not a wiki of course (perhaps it should be?)


Hi Andy,

index-test and libIndex are not the same as c-index-test. index-test was a test harness to test libIndex, but it was killed many moons ago. I will remove the page.



Is there another starting point interested developers should go to
wade into libIndex that took its place? I went to that page to find a
not-too-intimidating entry point for libIndex, and I'm still looking.


Hi Andy,

Unfortunately there isn't one. libIndex was invented originally to pioneer work on the Xcode 4 indexing support from Clang, and to provide a basis for other clients wanted to do whole-program symbol cross-referencing. For the former, efforts later focused on libclang (aka, CIndex). libIndex is still used (I believe) by a few example tools in the clang codebase (e.g., clang-wpa), but it remains a proof-of-concept rather than an a library that has been pressed into production use.