I wanted to tell the LLVM developers list about http://www.c-to-verilog.com.

I created this website to provide free on-line compilation of C into Verilog. I use LLVM as the C parser and optimizer. I have been working on this project for 2 years now.

I would like to thank Chris, Vikram and the rest of the LLVM developers. I am very happy with the LLVM infrastructure, documentation, and organization. Thanks to LLVM, I was able to focus on hardware-circuit optimizations.

After clang parses the code and LLVM optimizes the IR, I wrap the IR with my own structures. I extract parallelism from loops whenever possible and create pipelined designs.

I’ve implemented a limited “Modulo Scheduler” (Software pipelining). This pass pipelines loops and works on LLVM IR. I would like to donate the pipelining code back to LLVM.

Nadav Rotem | http://www.c-to-verilog.com/