Call for participation: Concept TS implementation for Clang

Hi all,

I am interested in working on an implementation of the Concepts TS in Clang.

Please let me know if you are already working on such an effort, interested in collaborating on the implementation or if you know anyone who might be interested.


Hubert Tong

I too am interested in implementing concepts ts in clang - it's been
somewhere on my todo list for a few months (since i started work on
the super-auto patch for clang) - and I was thinking of breaking
ground some time in late May - early June if no one else had (unless
another feature distracted me ;).

I don't know of anyone else who is actively working on it (i.e.
concepts-ts, not concepts C++0x) for clang (I thought one of Peter
Sommerlad's students might have been, but at Urbana I got the sense
that that wasn't the case).

I think collaborating over the implementation should be fun (and
advance our rate of progress) - so count me in and please keep me in
the loop.

Faisal Vali

IIUC, Larisse may have some work done for the concepts ts, in addition to
her C++0x efforts. CC'ing Larisse.