Call Graph Exploration using Clang libraries?

Hi all,

(if this is not the right list to ask this question please point me to the correct location)

I'm trying to build a call graph visualization for Objective-C/C/C++ based projects, and wondering whether Clang is the right tool to use and how to determine whether it is. However, I wasn't able to do so, so far.
Basically, I'm looking for a library to stick a bunch of source code files in and get a call graph out (I know that the exact definition of the call graph might vary and calculating the actual executable call graph is undecidable, but a basic version, which just recognizes what method contains a call to another method, would be fine).

I read most of, including the "Clang Internals", "Hacking on Clang" and "User's Manual" and the only thing that comes close to what I need is the CFG class ( ), but that seems to be still quite far from what I need.

I also found a mail on this list ( ) talking about the CallGraph class ( ). That sounds more like it but the Doxygen doesn't give much information about what this class represents exactly and how it should be used. (Or maybe it does and I don't understand it ^^)

So I have two (sets of) questions:
1. Do you think Clang is the right tool for what I want to achieve (extract a call graph from source code)? How much of this Call Graph creation from source code is already done by Clang and how much of it would I have to do myself (pointing me to resources where I can find the answer is fine as a replacement for an answer :wink: )?

2. If Clang is the right tool to use, how and where can I learn how to use Clang for my purpose? What I found so far is either about taking part in the development of Clang itself or how to use Clang from the command line. I couldn't find a good description on how to get started using Clang as a library in another program. I found the description about the different libraries here: But that's about it and I still don't really understand which of these libraries I would actually need. I would be grateful if you could provide me with a link to a resource that explains how to get started using Clang as a library. It would be great if this getting started would actually go in the direction of call graph parsing.

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P.S. I don't have much experience with C++ or Compilers, so some of my confusion might come from this limited knowledge. I plan to write an Objective-C call graph visualization in Objective-C, but Clang seems to be a great parser/compiler/analyzer so I'd like to use it.