Call Hierarchy result is incomplete when using remote index

Hi everyone,

I not sure it’s misconfiguration or bugs.

so I raise my question at here. hope someone can help me or give some suggestion

I used clangd-indexer to generate index file and deploy clangd remote index server in internal

Everything is work until I use “Show Call Hierarchy” feature in VS Code.
(Find All References with remote index is work and very fast , remote index is powerful and smoothly )

I use Show Call Hierarchy button with Remote Index .

It seem clangd only refers opened file and show corresponding info.

but, when I build up background index is workable and can provide correct and all “Call Hierarchy” information.

I try to enable --log=verbose in remote index server and clangd process

request v1/Refs => OK: 48 result in 2ms
request v1/Lookup => OK 1 result in 0ms

It seems first request found correct references count
but, Lookup is incorrect result… I not sure why clangd filter out references result

Very thanks for your reading.
anyone can help give some suggestion. I very appreciate it

It’s sys information
Clangd / Clangd Remote index version : 14
Editor/LSP plugin: VScode + Clangd
Operating system: Linux u1804