Callgraph inaccuracy


I am trying to extract a callgraph using DSA, but the analysis looks quite pessimistic. I use TDD analysis and here is my test code:

I'm working on this issue, thank you for reporting it.

The short answer is that the callgraph reported by TD is the same as
discovered/computed during BU
(and BU can't determine the indirect call can only target C2).

I've added this example, and a few other related tests, to the DSA's
test suite[1] to document
this behavior while I'm working out what the best solution is.

I'll try to post back here when it's resolved one way or the other,
but feel free to bug me if you don't hear back in a few days :).



Hi Will,

Are you actively maintaining the version of DSA found in poolalloc? In a response to a question I posted earlier today, Reid Kleckner wondered if poolalloc (and by extension, DSA?) is unmaintained.

  • Christian