Calling a function from lldb (on Linux)


I just downloaded lldb-3.3 from and was starting to play with it on my Ubuntu 12.10 installation.

Loading a program, running it, setting break points and stepping through the source code works great. However, calling functions does unfortunately not work.

(lldb) call malloc(4)
error: 'malloc' has unknown return type; cast the call to its declared return type
error: 1 errors parsing expression

(lldb) p (void*) malloc(4)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Is this expected on Linux? Any ideas how to fix this?


This looks like a recent regression, within the past week or so. Generally, expression calls have been working well on Linux. I believe the Debian packages are built nightly or daily so they track lldb trunk closely.

A few of the lldb tests started failing as well on both Linux lldb buildbots and some of these tests exercise expressions. Neither I nor the other Linux developers here have had time in the past week to look at the issues but we will either later this week or more likely, early next. If you feel so inclined, I believe the issue is probably related to the symbol table/symbol lookup in lldb of the function you are trying to call.