Calling dispatch_async() within call to ExecutionEngine::runFunction()

My host app calls runFunction() on my JITed code. It, in turn, calls a C function ("decode()") in the host app that then calls dispatch_async(). The runFunction() call returns as expected, but the block passed to dispatch_async() never gets called. The async block is supposed to call a function pointer callback that was passed in to decode().

Everything is being called on the main queue.

Is it not possible to do this? Is something in LLVM actually aborting the dispatch_async() execution of my block?


I have used libdispatch (on FreeBSD) from JIT'd code without any issues, so I think your bug is elsewhere.


That's good to know, thanks. Puzzling, though. If I call the callbacks directly, everything executes as you would expect (the stack grows to the last callback, then unwinds, and runFunction() returns.

But the dispatch_async() block is never called at all. I don't know what can cause this.

PDField::decode(PDPacket* inPacket,
                DecodeFieldCompletionProc inCompletionProc,
                void* inContext)
    NSLog(@"decodeField(%p, %p, %p, 0x%llX)", this, inPacket, inCompletionProc, (uint64_t) inContext);
    NSLog(@"Field name: %s", mFieldName);
    NSLog(@"queue: %s", dispatch_queue_get_label(dispatch_get_current_queue()));
        NSLog(@"comp: %p", inPacket->mCompletionProc);
        inCompletionProc(this, inPacket);

Output is:

2013-01-29 23:40:25.456 otest[66325:303] decodeField(0x106b09d20, 0x106b09d00, 0x106c90010, 0x0)
2013-01-29 23:40:25.456 otest[66325:303] Field name: packetMarker
2013-01-29 23:40:25.457 otest[66325:303] queue:

Breakpoints set before dispatch and on first line inside the block, never stops at the inside one.

Oh! I wonder if there's no run loop, because it's called from a unit test. Of course.