Calling LLVM IRbuilder from the LLVM JIT compiler

Gordon Henriksen wrote:

You propose to write scripts in LLVM IR? To save time?

Umm... Indirectly yes. We want people to be able to write the action nodes of a PEG parser generator in the language we/they are developing so it will be self-hosting in less time. Also, we will be writing support routines in C and even C++ so using LLVM IR is the greatest common denominator between all of the front-ends for LLVM combined.

Don't try to call C++ functions from not-C++. Use the C bindings


Hmmm... That could complicate matters. We've written our support routines in C++ but want the methods to be callable from LLVM IR directly. I guess we'll have to write our own C bindings for our libraries as well.