Cambridge LLVM Day

Hi Everyone,

Please ignore this message if you are not in or near Cambridge.

About a year ago we had an LLVM workshop in the Computer Lab where various people presented ongoing work related to LLVM. Afterwards, we decided that doing it about once every six months was a good idea...

At the social this week, we discussed having a second one a couple of weeks after the San Jose DevMeeting, and inviting anyone who was presenting work at the DevMeeting to give a talk to a different audience (I have about a dozen masters' students who are doing a compiler course and will be doing LLVM-related projects, and would be interested in seeing some of the other things that are involved).

If you'd be interested in attending (and especially if you'd be interested in presenting something) then please let me know,


To follow up, we have a tentative data of Monday the 18th of November (hopefully giving everyone enough time to recover from the San Jose DevMeeting).