Cambridge LLVM Social, May 25th

This Cambridge social will be next week, Wed 25th, 7:30 pm, at the
Cambridge Blue.

Some people mentioned the need for a different pub. I'm all ears. In
case of no replies, the Blue it is. :slight_smile:

When in doubt, check the calendar before leaving home.

Socials' calendar shows the time and place:


PS: I've set a recurring event on the calendar to make sure I don't
forget and go three months without a social. Let me know if you're
coming to town or is going out of town, and we can reschedule any of
the future events with enough notice.

Just a reminder, this will be tomorrow evening, and there's a slight
change or plans...

I've just been made aware that The beer festival is this week, and the
weather is lovely, so we'll move to the festival, as I know most of
you will be there anyway...

See you there around 7-ish near the gate wearing some LLVM themed t-shirt.