Cambridge LLVM Social, Sep 6th

The next Cambridge Social will be pushed a bit further into September,
because of the holidays and the LLVM Cauldron. It'd be nice to welcome
international LLVMers on the cauldron week.

But that also forces the day of the week to be on a Tuesday. With the
Cauldron in Hebden Bridge, people will be traveling on Wednesday
evening and there would be no point in holding the social then.

So, the next social will be on a Tuesday, September the 6th, same time.

The weather is great, so I thought we could all go to sit by the river
on the Fort St. George. But I'm open to suggestions. If no one
complains, see you there.

Socials' calendar shows the time and place:


Gentle reminder, this is today (due to Cauldron).

I heard no complaints or alternatives (and it's not raining), so we're
still going for the Fort St. George.

See you all 7:30pm today!


You had to say that, didn’t you!

(Just come in from the rain)

I... should have known better... :frowning:

At least its warm? (wait for it...)