Cambridge LLVM Social

The tentative date for the next Cambridge LLVM Social is Wed 22nd
October, 7:30pm at the Cambridge Blue.

If you haven't done so yet, you can subscribe to our calendar to know
when the next one will be:

Most people feel Wednesdays are the best days, so if you really want
to come, but cannot on the 22nd, we should re-schedule for another
Wed, possibly the 29th.

So far we haven't had any specific topics, but since most attendees
use LLVM for cross-compilation (and ARM is always present), I think we
should try to tackle the cross-compilation problem in the Clang

I'll be taking notes and will post them on the list after the meeting
for consideration.

Of course, I meant August. Thanks Igor for the correction!!

I will be there again!

Renato Golin <> writes:

So will I. We're also hosting a FreeBSD DevSummit in Cambridge the following week, which will likely have some pub-related activity on the Tuesday evening (probably in the Tivoli on Chesterton Road - more details a little bit nearer the time). LLVM people are very welcome to attend, although they may get bug reports along with their beer...