Can I debug llvm source code by iMac Xcode?


I can build llvm3.1 source code by CMAKE first, which generate LLVM.xcodeproj. And then open it by iMac Xcode and build llvm project execution files, clang, llc, llvm-as, ... . But I don't know how to debug it on Xcode IDE since the menu "Product -- Test" is grey color (not enabled). I am writing a llvm backend for fun and used to debug it on linux by gdb -args llc ... Now, I bought a iMac and don't know how to replace gdb with Xcode IDE. Is it possible to do debug "llc -march=mips ..." on Xcode which equivalent to "gdb -args llc ..." on linux terminal mode. I really hope to run IDE debug for llvm backend.

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