Can I use CFLAndersAliasAnalysis to get point-to set of a function pointer?


I am working on find the target of indirect call.

I know there are two classic pointer analysis algorithm : Andersen and Steensgaard

And also these two algorithm are implemented in LLVM 6.0.

But, I only found that LLVM just use alias analysis to check two memory location are alias or not.

For example : AAResults::isNoAlias , AAResults::isMustAlias

My question is

Can I use the alias analysis in LLVM to find the point-to set of a pointer?

Or I should implement a new pass to do my pointer analysis?


The AA infrastructure does not represent global points-to sets. We do have an AliasSetTracker, which can collect sets of mutually-aliasing pointers, and you might find that helpful. -Hal