Can someone help me getting the thread local variable tests on Linux passing after my changes in 274366?

I don't have access to a linux machine that can currently build LLVM, Clang and LLDB (all are machines that are administered by others and the cmake is too old to build top of tree). It should be trivial to get working if you can debug it.

Greg Clayton

So it turns out that TLS variables on linux have been broken all along. I backed out my changes and the test still failed. The test had a decorator:


That was causing it to expected fail for everyone. I fixed 7796742 and took off the decorator, but then the buildbots had errors. I added back a decorator:

     @unittest2.expectedFailure("now works on Darwin, but not linux")

As I am not aware of a "expectedFailureExceptDarwin" decorator. Someone on linux should have a look when they get the chance.

Greg Clayton

The correct incantation for the behavior you want should be now:
We are trying do drop the "Unless" versions of the decorators, as the
approach does not scale well. I've put the decorator in place now.

I'll put the tls issue on our radar. I don't think we've been aware of
it until now, and it's sounds like it would be a good idea to make it

Thanks for fixing the breakage. BTW, you can get the cmake we are
using to build via "git clone -b
lldb-master-dev". There is no installation required, just check it out
somewhere and run it.