Can window Eclipse use lldb debug?

I want use LLDB to debug in Eclipse to remote debug embeded chip such as STM32, But I find windows Eclipse not support lldb well .

What should I do if I want use lldb instead of gdb in Eclipse?

Eclipse uses the gdb MI (Machine Interface) as one way to talk to debuggers. There is an lldb adaptor for the MI. It used to be part of the lldb project directly, but it was not terribly well tested, the original authors had dropped the project and nobody stepped up when we put out a request for support, so it was made a separate project:

It hasn’t seen a lot of work recently, but the SB API’s it relies on haven’t changed, so it might work. Anyway, it’s an open source project so if you do need to hack on it a bit to get it to work, that’s also available.

If Eclipse on windows supports the Windows debugging protocol, the vscode extension might also work. That would seem a natural thing for the Eclipse project to support, but I have no idea whether they do. lldb-vscode has a lot more active support so if you can go that way, you might have more luck.