Canceling March 16 C/C+ language working group

I’m very sorry for the short notice but due to unforeseen circumstances we are canceling this week’s meeting. We will be picking this up in two weeks time. See you all then.

Do you think we could keep the meeting organization in a single thread?

It’s hard for me to keep on top of all Discourse threads in real time (so I usually only check the forums couple of times a week), and I didn’t see this post. I’ve enabled notifications for the original thread, so if you replied there, I would’ve gotten an email. WDYT?

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Or perhaps a new “Clang C/C++ Language WG” category could be created that we all subscribe to?

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That would be nice

Thanks for the suggestion, this is a good idea. I’ll keep updating the original thread with new meeting updates.

I’ll ask in the infrastructure forum.